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Our next fund raising event will be our SUMMER FUNDAY ........... 20th JULY 2014........This will be held in Stafford just off J13 of the M6.............

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The January 2014 edition of the Meowsletter will be dedicated to Merlin, a very brave, Birman Rescue Kitten.

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Birman Welfare & Rescue along with the Northern Birman Cat Club will be holding a FUNDAY in Stafford on Sunday, 20th July, 2014.

This year we will also be helping raise money for the National Autism Society. To learn more about Autism please visit their website :- www.autism.org.uk


Please contact Angie at birmanwelfare@aol.co.uk if you can help.

We are one of the largest pedigree rescue organisations in the Cat Fancy and have safehouses across the United Kingdom for the cats in our care.

Genuine offers of homes are always needed and single cat homes are often required, especially for older cats whose devoted owner may have died or for health reasons are no longer able to care for their beloved Birman. These cats have so much love to give and their average age tends to be between 6 - 10 years, which is not considered old for a Birman. Abandoned or lost Birmans are also cared for while we try and find their owner or for a thoroughly vetted home.

All cats are spayed or neutered before leaving our care. Vaccinations are also brought up to date if required.

Occasionally we have younger Birmans and very rarely kittens as these are usually returned to their breeder where possible.

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Angie Walker
UK Co-Ordinator
E: birmanwelfare@aol.co.uk | T: 01785 251609