All homes are visited by a member of our team and/or a vets reference is obtained prior to adoption. This is to offer help and advice, enabling our homeless Birman's to settle in as quickly and comfortably as possible.

All rescues are neutered,micro chipped,insured and inoculations, if required, are brought up to date.

A safe garden is a garden that is not close to a busy road, or other dangers to cats, should your cat manage to get out.

You are asked to complete and sign an adoption form, please read this carefully before signing. To enable us to continue our high standards and keep caring for future rescues, you will be expected to make a minimum donation of 100 per cat to the Charity for each cat adopted, younger cats and kittens will be more. A substantially lower donation will be accepted for older cats, please discuss this with our Co-ordinator. This is not payment for the cat, but a donation to the Charity and is non-refundable.

If you are enquiring about a rescue please remember you are responsible for the collection.

When enquiring about a rescue please do not leave a mobile number as our team are all volunteers and mobile calls can be very expensive.


Hello my name is Noko, I am a 13 year old, red point, Birman and I am looking for a forever home because my Mummy passed away suddenly.

Mummy loved me dearly and I loved her too but I am sure there is another Mummy and possibly Daddy that would love me again. I have come to stay in Blackpool whilst Angie at Birman Rescue helps me and Elaine looks after me.

I am an indoor cat but have enjoyed a stroll in the garden but never on my own. I am very lovable and enjoy cuddles and fuss

Elaine says I am the most affectionate cat she has ever met. As soon as I see her I want love love love. I have met some of Elaines friends but they already have cats but they fell in love wirh me and so wished they could take me home.

I like older children but not babies or toddlers thank you.

I have had all my vaccinations, I am neutered and have no health issues, I will go to my new home with 5 weeks Agria Insurance.

For information please telephone Elaine 07904 763745 or email Angie at [email protected]

Colour: red point
Age: 13yr
Sex: Male
07904 763745


Daisy and Lily are 2 sisters who are 6 years old, Daisy is a seal point and Lily a blue point, both are neutered. They are lovely cats who like sitting on your knee and love being groomed. Daisy has a squint in one eye which her former owners thought, made her look cute.

They are fond of each other and sleep cuddled up together, sometimes in a human bed, and behind curtains.This pair are looking for a home, please do not request they are separated.

Daisy and Lily have been allowed out into the garden in good weather, but have never used a cat flap. They do not stay out for long and have never been allowed to wander.

Both cats are vaccinated and microchipped.

For more details please telephone Ivy Perry 01389 841240 or email [email protected]

Colour: blue and seal points
Age: 6yr
Sex: Female
01389 841240


Who would believe that this adorable seal point Birman is 15 years of age!

Jasper came to us as very sad and poorly boy. He had been advertised on a website along with his brother and a lovely lady took them on believing the previous owners description that they were both in good health.

The following morning Jasper's brother was found dead in his bed. Things went from bad to worse for Jasper as the lovely lady's son was allergic to him.

Jasper came to Birman Welfare and a Rescue after a local rescue contacted us asking for help . After lots of love and correct food Jasper had gained enough weight to have his badly needed dental. Every tooth apart from the fangs were rotten and his gums severely infected.

He sailed through his dental and now is almost unrecognisable from the cat that came in to us.

We have had full blood profiles carried out for Jasper and due to his age we have been advised to feed him with Royal Canin KD food which he loves and works out no more expensive than supermarket brands. He is not on any medication.

We are now looking for a forever home for Jasper. He loves company and would make someone a great companion and best friend. Are you that special person?

Colour: seal point
Age: 15 yr
Sex: Male
01793 679343

For information please telephone Pat Williams 01793 679343 or email Angie [email protected]

LAST UPDATED 28/04/2017