Delilah was handed into Birman Rescue on June 2nd 2011 by a member of the public that had been feeding her for a couple of weeks.

This sad old lady is approximately 16/18 years old and severely underweight and dehydrated. Her blood tests show she has renal problems, everything the highest end of normal. All her teeth have broken or rotted causing her pain and discomfort. There is not an inch of her coat that does not have a thick underlay of matt, pulling on her old, thin skin. As if this is not enough, look closely at the photo, she has a deformed foot. She has obviously been living rough for a long time.

With all her problems, and in true Birman style, she had the look of hope in her eyes. How could we do any other than answer her plea?

We have taken her into our loving care and named her Delilah. She will be cared for by Pat Williams in the Swindon safe house.

The vets have predicted she has only a year maximum to live. We are determined she will have everything she needs for that year even if we have to fund raise every waking moment. We will be updating her progress on this page.

I have been asked by some of our club members to start an appeal for Delilah. If anyone would like to donate please email [email protected] for details. Pat Williams and I are holding a Garden Party at Pat's home in Swindon on 24th July, If you would like to come along please follow this link for more details. We are desperate for items for our auction and stalls.

If you can help please email Angie at [email protected]

The items for Auction will be on our website for bids from people unable to come to the garden party.

As always thank you all for caring enough to make a difference.

Angie, Pat and Delilah

JUNE 7th - Update

Delilah's coat was so badly matted we had no choice but to remove it all. She is so much happier now she can move without it pulling on her skin. She also has a memory foam bed which she loves. Her next step is a dental, although we are worried about having a general anaesthetic the risk is less than leaving her with rotting teeth that are poisoning her as well as causing so much pain. Delilah is eating well and seems happy in her "hotel".

Thank you everyone for the offers of a home for Delilah, we have a long way to go before we reach that stage.


JUNE 14th - Update

Delilah went for her dental on Monday 13th June. This was the day before her dental was to take place as we wanted her to have fluids for 12 hours before the operation.

Sadly it was discovered when her pre op bloods were done that her condition had deteriorated. Even after 2 weeks of love, comfort and good food she had also lost weight. After undergoing a series of extensive tests and scans it was discovered that Delilah had a lot of complications that were causing her to suffer.

With heavy hearts we decided that this poor lady had suffered enough.

Fly high our special Angel, you are now free from pain and suffering.