All homes are visited by a member of our team and/or a vets reference is obtained prior to adoption. This is to offer help and advice, enabling our homeless Birman's to settle in as quickly and comfortably as possible.

All rescues are neutered,micro chipped,insured and inoculations, if required, are brought up to date.

A safe garden is a garden that is not close to a busy road, or other dangers to cats, should your cat manage to get out.

You are asked to complete and sign an adoption form, please read this carefully before signing. To enable us to continue our high standards and keep caring for future rescues, you will be expected to make a minimum donation of £100 per cat to the Charity for each cat adopted, younger cats and kittens will be more. A substantially lower donation will be accepted for older cats, please discuss this with our Co-ordinator. This is not payment for the cat, but a donation to the Charity and is non-refundable.

If you are enquiring about a rescue please remember you are responsible for the collection.

When enquiring about a rescue please do not leave a mobile number as our team are all volunteers and mobile calls can be very expensive.



Topaz is a a lovely , gentle 15 year old Birman looking for a forever home due to a dramatic change if his living conditions. From having a quiet home with his owner, due to a change in their circumstances there is now the owners daughter living with them along with young children and a puppy. Topaz is very unhappy.

Topaz has no health issues and is in excellent condition. Below is the description I received from his current owner.

Hi, my name is Topaz and I am a 15-year-old, Blue Birman in good health with all my own (very clean) teeth and in need of a quiet home. My vaccines are bang up to date and I am microchipped.

My once quiet home is undergoing lots of change due to family issues and I am now having to endure living with noisy boisterous children and a large playful puppy which is making me very stressed and unhappy. I donít mind young children, but prefer not to live with them.

I am told I am a handsome, very gentle, affectionate boy and I love being groomed and enjoy the odd lap to sit on. I also like to hold a conversation. I go outside and sit in the garden for a while in the summer when my humans are out there, but live indoors. I also come when I am called, I like playing peek-a-boo on the stairs. I also like to hide in boxes and explore open cupboards.

Topaz has the best personality and is very much a people cat. He loves attention and prefers to be close to his human companions. Everyone loves him. He is never happier than when he has a lap to sit on or is being groomed. He still likes to play but also sleeps lot. He is prone to hairballs if he is not brushed at least once a week.

He doesnít like noisy, boisterous situations which make him increasingly stressed, preferring a quiet household. He can be quite fussy on his foods if you change it suddenly. He will try and pinch the roast chicken if it is left to cool on the worktop and he thinks you are not looking! He loves to hide and gets grumpy if you donít go and find him! Lol!

He has been on many different diets during his lifetime. His current favourite is Natural Instincts chicken or turkey frozen food or Natures Menu country hunter pouches (great for holidays). He will also eat Royal Canine Hairball Control Kibble, but prefers his meat.

Fully vaccinated, neutered, micro chipped and will have 5 weeks Agria Insurance.

For more information please email Angie :- [email protected]

Colour: Blue
Age: 15yr
Sex: Male


Meg is a pretty seal tabby lady not yet 2 years old. We are looking for a home preferably with a female owner only due to her being very weary of men.

This beautiful Birman was found living in a garden, relying on food from the anyone who cared enough to feed her. Since being in our care we have tried very hard to find her owner with no luck.

We have now had Meg neutered, micro chipped and have had vaccinations carried out. She will have 5 weeks Agria Insurance.

For more information please email Angie :- [email protected]

Colour: Seal tabby
Age: 1yr
Sex: Female
email only first

LAST UPDATED 09/12/2017